Articles on Formal Staff Recognition

Special events do not equal meaningful staff recognition

Staff recognition is not about events; it is about feeling and always showing an attitude of appreciation. It is not something that happens once a month or year, but something that happens regularly, in many small ways. Read article...

An annual dose of appreciation isn’t enough
Inviting staff for lunch during Administrative Professionals Day is a nice gesture, but doesn’t make up for a lack of ongoing recognition during the rest of the year. Read article...

Service awards eat nearly half of company thank-you budgets
Once organizations mark service milestones, there is not much left in the budget for recognition during the remainder of the year. Read article...

Public recognition can create awkward moments
Recognizing everyone in public in the same way can seem unfair when the contributions aren’t equal. Read article...

People with “perfect” attendance may be costing you money
People who come to work when they are feeling unwell accomplish little, other than infecting co-workers. Read article...

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