Presentation (most suitable as a convention keynote or breakout session)

Fire the Employee-of-the-Month!

What’s wrong with most staff recognition programs? Too much emphasis on the program and too little focus on recognizing staff. What is needed to better acknowledge staff contributions is not more programs, but a shakeup in the way people think about staff recognition. This presentation challenges common beliefs and practices and prepares participants to express appreciation in ways that will yield amazing results: improved morale, reduced turnover, increased productivity and better customer loyalty. Before the presentation ends, you will be ready to Fire the Employee-of-the-Month… program!

During this seminar, you will learn:

  • why the excuses for not recognizing staff are invalid… and can be harmful to your organization
  • why you should never send ’em lunch
  • why money is a poor substitute for meaningful recognition
  • how retirement parties become funerals for the living
  • how one word can diminish any message of appreciation
  • how to change a room full of winners into a gathering of losers in an instant
  • why you should never hug your computer
  • why the boss is important…really!
  • what type of recognition has the greatest potential power
  • why you should stop trying to be a sandwich maker or accountant … unless you are already in one of those businesses

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