Introducing Nelson Scott

Since becoming a full-time consultant, speaker, trainer and facilitator in 1995, Nelson Scott has worked with managers, supervisors and administrators who are committed to hiring the right people and retaining, motivating and engaging them using high-value, low-cost staff recognition. His presentations and writing challenge people to build on what they already know to make the right hiring decisions and to acknowledge employees for what they achieve and how they contribute to an organization’s success.

Nelson has conducted more than 3,000 interviews, hired hundreds of people and made more hiring mistakes than he cares to admit. He has trained thousands of managers and supervisors from a variety of public, private and not-for-profit sector organizations on how to use interviews to gather high-quality information on which to based their hiring decisions. He also works with clients to develop interview questions, to prepare them to conduct interviews, and to manage the selection process on their behalf.

When a participant in a day-long workshop on conducting interviews asked, “How do we keep them once they’re hired?” Nelson responded, “Let them know that they are appreciated. Recognize them for what they achieve and how they help your organization succeed.” That brief encounter was the beginning of a decade-long journey to discover how to provide meaningful staff recognition. It has led Nelson to develop two workshops and several shorter keynote/breakout presentations, and to write several articles on staff recognition and a book, Thanks! GREAT Job! Improve Retention, Boost Morale and Increase Engagement with High-Value, Low-Cost Staff Recognition.

Nelson is a former president of the Edmonton chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and a member of the International Association of Facilitators and Recognition Professionals International. He is also a Rotarian who has served as president of Rotary three clubs.

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