Day-Long Workshop to improve how leaders hire, engage, recognize & retain staff:

Interview Right to Hire Right

"Based on my experience conducting more than 3,000 interviews (and making more that a few hiring mistakes) and my 25 years training thousands of leaders to hire the right people.” — Nelson Scott

Strengthen your interviewing skills to ensure you hire the right person for every position, every time. Apply what you already know about what makes top performers successful to the hiring process. Write and ask questions that will yield the type of information you need to predict which candidates have what it takes to succeed.

Topics that will be covered during this workshop:

  • The link between hiring and top performers’ on-the-job success
  • Behaviour Description Interviewing: what BDI is and why it works
  • Why BDI is more effective than other, more traditional approaches
  • How to structure interviews so candidates will open up
  • A three-step process for writing interview questions
  • Standards to assess the quality of candidates’ responses to your interview questions
  • Questions that should not be asked because they violate human rights legislation or are simply a waste of time
  • Note-taking: creating an accurate record of the candidates’ responses
  • 8 probing techniques to get past candidates’ superficial, well-rehearsed answers
  • 7 reasons interviews go wrong and 6 ways to keep them on track
  • How to conduct reference checks to obtain high-quality information that you can use to make the right hiring decisions
  • How to decide who to hire and how to advise candidates of your decision
  • Preparing to respond when asked, “Why didn’t I get the job?”


  • Interviewing Right Cards: scripts, checklists and other tools to use when planning and conducting interviews and reference checks.
  • A 48-page E-book: 13 Reasons Managers Are “Unlucky” When Making Hiring Decisions

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