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“The greatest challenge to the success of any recognition initiative is bringing managers on board. I love my friend Nelson Scott’s “GREAT” acronym! It’s so easy to remember. And managers and supervisors can use it to improve recognition practices within your company. Thanks! GREAT Job! provides an excellent overview of how recognition makes a difference, why your current recognition practices may not be doing what you think they are doing, and a host of new recognition ideas.”

— Peter W. Hart,
    President & CEO Rideau Recognition Solutions


“Nelson Scott has done a great job of creating an excellent “go to” book that can help both new and seasoned managers improve their staff engagement through meaningful feedback and timely recognition.”

— Paul McElhone PhD,
    Executive Director University of Alberta School of Retailing


“Thanks! GREAT Job! is a must have in every leader's office. Feeling valued and recognized is high on the list of reasons employees stay in a job. Nelson Scott provides leaders and business owners with practical tips and approaches to recognizing employees, creating an environment of trust, how to engage staff, and a range of recognition ideas and examples.”

— Charmaine Hammond,
    Bestselling author of On Toby's Terms, Hammond International Inc.

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