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Thanks! GREAT Job!

“You are amazing! You really inspired me yesterday!  What you had to say really resonated for me and it was so much fun to just watch and listen to your playfulness and see how the learning was anchored. I look forward to following you and really getting into your book.”

— Sharon Wilson
    Resources International, Consulting & Training


“FANTASTIC JOB sharing your humour and wisdom with us at CAPS Nelson!! Your ‘Thanks! GREAT Job!’ presentation was creative and full of rich nuggets. You have a light way of way of sharing such relevant insights about the impact and benefits of employee recognition.” 

— Lisa Litwinski
    Professional Speaker, Facilitative Trainer, Consultant  LiT PATH Learning Centre Ltd. 
    Creator and Publisher of
Today, I Choose™, daily inspiration cards for intentional
    thoughts and results.


Improve Staff Retention Without Spending Buckets of Money

“Thank you for your great presentation ‘Retaining Staff Without Spending Buckets of Money’ at our annual Small Business Awards of Excellence Gala on October 21. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our employers in attendance.

You were able to present several practical concepts and tools in such a short timeframe; all of which, our employers will easily be able to take home and start implementing in their own businesses immediately.

Your ability to address and deliver such an important and useful message about an increasingly challenging issue in such a light-hearted and entertaining manner was well received by everyone.”  

— Shawna Batten
    Executive Director, Wainwright & District Chamber of Commerce


“The presentation itself was on-point, and very relevant to the businesses in our community. I have heard back from different businesses that attended, they have all said how important it is to appreciate their employees, and how what works for one person may not work for another.

— Anna Giesbrecht
    Office Manager, Vermilion & District Chamber of Commerce


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