Crowd Sourcing Staff Recognition

Peer recognition can be the most powerful type of recognition that staff members will ever receive. When the power of peer recognition is unleashed in a workplace, staff members will receive more of the recognition they want, need and, quite frankly, deserve—which managers alone can’t provide. Peer recognition should be part of any organization staff recognition strategy.

Peer recognition works because unlike recognition from the boss, who is expected to recognize staff, recognition from co-workers is unexpected. Praise from a colleague is credible, because it comes from someone who understands what is required to do a good job because he/she may be doing a similar job.

Peer recognition has the potential to strengthen the relationship among staff members and to contribute to building a culture of appreciation in the workplace, creating a place where people want to be and where they are inspired to work harder. In this environment, turnover will be low and employee engagement high.

During this program, participants will:

  • Review a 7-step process to unleash the power of staff recognition in their workplace. It’s not as simple as announcing that staff members should recognize their colleagues.
  • Learn more than 10 techniques managers can use to encourage and support peer recognition.
  • Receive at least 15 peer recognition tips to share with staff.
  • Interact with other participants to discover even more about including the power of peer recognition as part of their staff recognition strategy.

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