Staff-Recognition Tips for Staff Recognition Month - May 2017

First published in one-a-day format throughout the month of May 2017, you can now download the complete Nelson Scott's Staff Recognition Tips for Staff Recognition Month, May 2017 in PDF format by clicking here, or on the image right.

Answering the 5Ws and H about Staff Recognition

Traditionally, journalists were expected to answer six questions in their reports—referred to as the “5Ws
and H”—and preferably to do so within the first few paragraphs: Who? What? Why? When? Where? and How?

While far from complete, the tips, tools and techniques distributed during Staff Recognition Month 2017 answered these questions about staff recognition, albeit in a slightly different order:

  • Why recognize staff?
  • Who to recognize?
  • What behaviours to recognize?
  • When to recognize?
  • Where to recognize?

And, of course, the biggie:

  • How to recognize staff?

Tips from previous years:

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