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Everything I Need to Know About Staff Recognition
I Learned from My Dog

Lessons in staff recognition can come from some most unlikely sources—a political pundit, a plumber’s mother, a primary school teacher, an employee on his day on the job, a reluctant shopper, a computer-hugging executive, a graffiti artist or a well-loved pet. Apply these simple, practical lessons in high-value, low-cost staff recognition to acknowledge staff for contributions and achievements.

Here are a few of the lessons you will encounter during this presentation:

  • money doesn’t buy loyalty, and likely never did
  • never send employees lunch
  • gossip can become an effective staff recognition tool
  • the value of making families part of your recognition plans
  • the one word that can diminish the value of praise and recognition
  • co-workers may be the most powerful source of recognition
  • successful people are frequently punished for their success
  • the importance of a new employee’s first day
  • managers need to hug their computers less and their staff more
  • staff recognition isn't alway green, but it can become more environmentally friendly

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