Presentation (most suitable as a convention keynote or breakout session)

Be Led Not Into Temptation

You’ve made the decision to enhance staff recognition in your workplace. That’s great! Now what? First off, avoid being seduced into believing and doing what has made the staff recognition of many managers and supervisors ineffective. Next, get on with planning and implementing effective staff recognition.

During this presentation, you will discover:

  • 8 ways you will be tempted follow in the footsteps of ineffective recognizers
  • 5 ways to practise before using new recognition tools and techniques with your staff
  • how to identify relevant behaviours for which staff should be recognized
  • tips, techniques and tools you need to do recognition right
  • recognition can be fun, but it should never become a joke
  • ways to find out how your staff members feel about recognition and how they would like to have their contributions and achievements acknowledged

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