Day-Long Workshop to improve how leaders hire, engage, recognize & retain staff:

Improve Staff Retention Without Spending Buckets of Money

"The #1 reason that staff members leave is that they feel unappreciated. You can change that!” — Nelson Scott

Even if more money was the key to retaining staff—and it isn’t—most organizations could not afford to pay more to reduce staff turnover. What people want most from their jobs is to know that their boss cares about them and values them for their contributions and achievements. The real answer lies in simple, low-cost techniques that let employees know they are valued and appreciated for what they do and achieve.

Topics that will be covered during this workshop:

  • Why staff retention is important
  • Calculating what staff turnover is costing you—the tangible and intangible costs
  • Setting your staff-retention priorities: some staff members are simply more valuable than others
    Day One: what happens on a new staff member’s first day will influence whether the newcomer decides to stay or leave
  • What gets them in the door isn’t what keeps them there
  • Why cash is an ineffective tool for retaining staff
  • Defining what “stay interviews” are and learning how to conduct them
  • How staff recognition contributes to staff retention
  • 7 warning signs that staff members are thinking about leaving


  • 197 simple cost-effective ways to recognize staff

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