Half-Day to Full-Day Workshop:

Staff Recognition: One Piece at a Time

"You understand the need for more recognition and are looking for more tools, tips and techniques to provide it.” —Nelson Scott

Providing staff recognition is like putting together a simple jigsaw puzzle: easy enough that a young child could do it. Yet the results are so powerful that all leaders should think about the five components of staff recognition every day. To be most meaningful to the recipient, recognition has to be GREAT: It must be Genuine, and it should also be Relevant, Explicit, Appropriate and Timely. As each piece is fitted into the puzzle, the picture of gratitude becomes more complete and the message of appreciation grows stronger.

Topics that will be covered during this workshop:

  • What you can do to make staff recognition GREAT
    • Genuine – make it honest, the essential component of meaningful recognition
    • Relevant – match recognition to what the organization says is important
    • Explicit – be specific in describing the behaviour that is valued
    • Appropriate – avoid a one-size-fits-all approach
    • Timely – act before the memory of the moment fades
  • Formal staff recognition vs. informal, day-to-day recognition
  • Why, when and how to recognize staff
  • Tools, tips and techniques to provide high-value, low-cost staff recognition
  • Excuses, rationalizations and cop-outs: reasons given for not recognizing staff
  • The power of peer recognition and ways to encourage staff to acknowledge the contributions of co-workers
  • Creating your own staff recognition toolkit
  • Assessing your staff recognition efforts: surveys, feedback and observation


  • A copy of Thanks! GREAT Job! for each participant.

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